Our Vision - Vision for Alter of Praise : Hab 2:2

Raising up an Altar, Making Disciples and Taking Territory.

Raising up an Altar

 God's vision for Altar of Praise is of a church which would be a reflection of Heaven. A place where people of different cultures, backgrounds, race, creed or colour shall come together and open up to God in true praise and worship; a classless church where the true love of God abounds and  each man is his brother’s keeper.

Making Disciples

 God's vision for Altar of Praise is of a church where men and women are in a continuous pursuit of attaining the heart and mindset of Christ. A place where people are trained and nurtured to attain excellence in all they do in the fear of God. A church where people develop a servant heart and live sacrificially for the cause of Christ.

Taking Territories

 God's vision for Altar of Praise is of a church which takes proactive steps to spread the good news to the lost. A church where evangelism is of great importance. A church that is of relevance to the community it finds itself